My Earth by Joe Aguirre

I guess I’ll take my chances

Half frozen

Standing on the edge of a winter lake

Full of contention

Just a few more inches until free

What is this buried here?

Did this all come from me?

How did I get here?


From my conscience eating at me


Colourado by Joe Aguirre

A little color for a grey day.

Here’s to better times.

Colorado Landscapes by Joe Aguirre

The difference between hurting what you love, and loving what hurts

Colorado by Joe Aguirre

A couple of days with Rob and family.

SantaCon 2018 by Joe Aguirre

December usually brings out the worst in us.

Case in point

SantaCon: A Tale of Love and Injury


At least no one robbed a bank dressed like Santa this year.

11/21 by Joe Aguirre

Coming closer to the end of what turned out to be a very rocky year. Perspective shifts always. I’m always trying to grow, even if it means doing uncomfortable inventory of the lives I’ve lived. 


My Earth by Joe Aguirre

Worst air quality in San Francisco history today.  


On my walk this morning I was shocked at the visibility in the city. Then passing through the mission I decided to post on Instagram looking for n95 masks to give out to the homeless. 



I was able to rally some support to buy as many masks as I could and order more online for the next few days.  


Tenderloin, SF  

My Earth by Joe Aguirre

I’m currently spending most of my week inside due to fallout from the Camp Fire affecting the San Francisco air quality. I bought some masks tho so I should be mobile. Getting stir crazy and I’m out of film to develop. 


Looking outside is a reminder of all the damage I saw last year in Santa Rosa. I couldn’t bring myself to go up there this time.